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Cold Formed Steel Sheet Pile vs.
Ten Tips for Renting Steel Sheet Pile

  1. Read rental agreement before signing (many us do not, and it is too late to negotiate terms after a problems occurs).
  2. Inspect pile as soon as it arrives and report and document any damaged or questionable pieces immediately, and note it on the bill of lading.
  3. Avoid renting some of the newer, wider, deeper, sheets of pile as they distort quicker in tougher driving conditions. (25? width max.)
  4. Avoid use of corners unless absolutely necessary for watertight conditions. More damage has been caused to sheet pile than anything else by forcing the pile in when box is out of alignment.
  5. Plan for (and be aware of) shortage, liquidation and cleaning costs. Figure a percentage of loss in your bid.
  6. IMPORTANT!! If you anticipate a significant loss, pre-purchase a percentage of pile. Why rent pile that will be liquidated anyway.
  7. Discuss pile driving techniques with your Supt. prior to driving and emphasis caution he must take not to damage pile. Many field people just don?t understand the consequence of poor handling, driving and pulling techniques to the potential expensive damage they can cause.
  8. Select proper pile driving equipment for the job.
  9. Cold formed vs. Hot rolled, there are times when it doesn?t matter and times when I would select one over the other (see line 10).
  10. Call Lee Wilczynski anytime and I will share information with you about renting steel sheet pile or pile driving equipment. (504-669-5014).

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